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alex timeline of tangent sunset founder alex cosper
alternative short summary with links to more info on alternative radio history
american radio history developing pages on radio history in various cities
beat villains alex cosper's first band featuring a society of musicians
biographer alex writes radio biographies and does historical research
energy 92.7 alex's on air work at a san francisco radio station
freeform the history of freeform radio by alex cosper
home page tangent sunset home page
instrumental music instrumental themes for movies by alex cosper
kwod sacramento alternative station where alex cosper worked for many years
kzap the legend of kzap: sacramento rock station sixties through nineties by alex cosper
mass mania in slow motion 5 song EP from 2013
playlist research alex cosper's music research website, created in may 2007 alex cosper's video library of Sacramento
saclive alex cosper's sacramento internet radio station in the early 2000s
sacramento music scene history history of sacramento artists signed to national labels
tangent sunset song library links to all tangent sunset lyrics and audio files
waves on the west coast alex cosper's first studio recording in the eighties