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The Rise of Alternative Radio
by Alex Cosper

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What was once cultural is now just a commercial for itself. The popularity of alternative radio on the FM dial began to fizzle away in the early 2000s. Just a decade earlier alternative radio and its music marked a revolution. On the surface this revolution was a backlash on corporate music and a salute to independents. Alternative radio traces back to the late sixties when freeform radio began attracting disenfranchised listeners to the FM dial with underground music. It continued to develop through the seventies and eighties with stations that focused on new wave music mixed with other eclectic sounds. Alternative culture was heavily based on out of the box thinking and independent businesses that included radio stations, record labels, record stores and night clubs. This indie scene evolved gradually for years until its big splash in the early nineties. This story is about KWOD 106.5 in Sacramento and other radio stations around the country that helped shape the explosive sound of alternative radio in the nineties. Read more at Playlist Research.