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My Time on Energy 92.7 (KNGY-FM/San Francisco)
by Alex Cosper

From October 2004 to April 2006 I worked on air at Energy 92.7, an electronic dance station in San Francisco. I had played dance music for many years as a mobile DJ, so a lot of the music was already familiar to me. Chris Shebel, a well-known air talent and programmer from Chicago, gave me my break on the air after I had been hired on day 1 of the format change by owner Joe Bayliss. Joe had talked with Steve Masters, the legendary alternative radio pioneer from Live 105. Steve recommended me for the job.

I learned a lot more about the music from a dance music programmer named Brandon, who had previously worked at a dance station in Los Angeles. Trevor Simpson and DJ Hope also answered a lot of my questions about songs and artists. Joey V, the afternoon guy, was another fun influence.

Because the experience broadened my musical knowledge, I put together a page about the history of electronic music and beatmixing.

I said a lot of funny stuff on the air, especially overnight. It was never risque, just a realistic view of a goofy world. I would always try to come up with super silly things to talk about leading into the popular morning show, Fernando and Friends. My time to shine, though, was on Saturday mornings. In the summer of 2006 I moved to Palm Springs to program 97.7 KRCK and do the midday show.

Here's a video I made while on the air at Energy 92.7 in 2005.