Writing & Research by Alex Cosper

I've enjoyed writing since an early age. In fact, I originally set out to be a journalist in my early years, but somehow music became more important to me. After writing a regular magazine article in a music industry publication, I began to write more independently about music and other things. In 2012 I write a lot of video reviews for my new site SacTV.com, where I'm also do video interviews. Here are my interviews with radio/music professionals.

As a freelance writer, I've written thousands of articles for various websites since 2009 through online writing platforms such as Demand Media and Interactive Media. I've also worked independently with small businesses. The wide range of topics I've written about include business, energy, entertainment, finance, health, history, law, real estate, technology, web design, web marketing and many other things.

Indie Revelations - In 2010 I explored the indie music revolution by listening to a lot of independent artists on ReverbNation.com and MySpace.com. I starting forming a playlist of great indie music. Then I got the idea to make a book out of it so I did some more research and interviewed several artists. By the end of the year I had put together nine chapters that summarized how indie artists were paving their own way using the internet and their own business models.

Following several years as a radio Program Director and Air Personality, I began writing for a radio industry trade publication called VirtuallyAlternative in the late nineties. It was a fun experience, as I interviewed professionals in the radio and music industries while throwing in my own editorials. From 1999-2000 I ran an internet radio station called SacLive, in which I wrote and spoke of the Sacramento music scene. I continued to write for VirtuallyAlternative through 2001. I created TangentSunset.com in 2003 and PlaylistResearch.com in 2007.

My first three major writing projects all involved radio, my career for over a decade. I've written an autobiography/industry journal called The Rise of Alternative Radio and a tribute to a hometown freeform station called The Legend of KZAP. I have moved all of my writing about radio and the music industry to Playlist Research, where I created a section called American Radio History: The First Hundred Years.
Here are articles I've written for various websites about music and technology.

Here are some other "ebooks" I've written:

Sacramento Radio History - Because I grew up in Sacramento listening to several stations and working at a few, I collected a lot of information about station developments. I've laid out those notes chronologically from the first station in the 1920s through the present. A lot of famous people were a part of Sacramento airwaves before going national and it's all documented here. The report contains an index of names and station events throughout the market's history. Learn how today's radio in general (no matter what city you're from) came to be.

San Francisco Radio History - After moving to the Bay Area I became involved with radio again, doing shows for Energy 92.7 (KNGY), an independent electronic dance station in San Francisco. So I began to study the history of the market and I found out some amazing things interviewing some radio legends in the market about how San Francisco introduced a lot of innovation to the radio industry over the years.

History of Record Labels and the Music Industry - Based on a variety of sources compiled by MtAltra during its years as a music industry reference, this page is more of a chronological timeline of the developments in the industry of recorded sound. Starting with Edison's invention of the phonograph in the 1870s up through the digital world of the 2000s, this timeline reveals how there have always been three to six major labels dominating the music industry except in ground-breaking periods such as the fifties and sixties - when independent labels ruled.

In late 2015 I decided to finally complete a project I had been thinking about for years, which was to write about my journey from college to my radio career then the online revolution. It's called From College To Media: Sac State vs. The Suck State of Mainstream Media. These ten chapters document some of the main concepts I learned while majoring in Communication Studies at Sac State University, where I graduated in 1984. It led to an internship that blossomed into a radio career for over two decades.