Tangent Sunset Song Library (lyrics and mp3s):

Alien Sunset - down goes the sun on civilization / with the alien sunset / there's a new generation
Anyone Can Have A Hit - anyone can have a hit / as long as you can dance to it
As Far As I Can Tell - as far as I can tell / everyone has heard the bell / that echoes through the soul
Big River - I put all my demons in a box I imagine / then I throw it in the ocean
Clue To The Clueless - out in the streets you're wavin' that gun / actin' like your record is number one
Corporation Meltdown - corporation meltdown in the news
Corporations - I don't work for corporations / corporations work for me
Dr. Demise - the world needs to clean up the mess / of dr. demise
eBay/Craigslist - I sold my soul on eBay
Egghead - one day back in school / there came a brand new kid
Endeavor - I feel like a satellite / drifting into outer space
Environmental Expo - I'm not a scientist / but I know the chemical formula for cabon dioxide
Everyday Hideaway - I want to run away like Tom Sawyer / I want to be a pioneer
Eye of a Raven - where do you want to be down the road / now that your future begins to unfold
Future's Nest - in future's nest lay the ruins of an ancient skull / time had taken its toll
Greener Side - on the greener side is the modern revoluton
Hackers Beware - hackers beware / there's a crackdown network everywhere
Hidden Lost Lounge - a home movie-like instrumental
Hound Dog Man - never want to be your hound dog man / never want to be your fool
Inner Voices - everyone agrees you crossed the line / everyone agrees you've lost your mind
Inside Solutions - everybody let's try / to untie ourselves from pollution
The Internet Only Band - the internet only band / had a plan to only sell downloads
Internet Video Star - whatever happened to the radio star / whatever happened to the record store
Into A Giant Sea - thinking of ways / to make it through the maze / of everyday life
I Thought I Saw the Devil - I thought I saw the devil / but it was just a dream
Jumbled Together - unintelligible mumbo jumbo
Life Is A Rose - one thing you have shown us / is life means more than money
Lost and Lonely Day - and the world was still spinning around the sun / just as in the beginning
Love Town's Burning Down - someone said we'll all be dead / if foolish minds keep wasting time / avoiding compromise
Marin - you can feel a transcendant wave / when you spend some time in Marin
Mind's Eye - trip into the mind's eye
Money's Not the Issue - money's not the issue / the issue is integrity
Mountain Sunrise - wake up to a brand new day / on the mountainside by the beautiful bay
Music and Technology - technology keeps changing the way we listen to music
Mystical Allegiance - another home movie-like instrumental
Nature's Lost Times - let's find something more / than the tools that bury the truth
One Step Ahead - the future is a maze / of blossoming possibilities
Orange Underworld - maybe you need someone by your side / maybe you need someone as your guide
Part of the Problem - some of us pose as a better dancer / than the mistaken fool
Pete Sunfinder - takin' the world by surprise with solar tech
Pretty as a Rose - everyone wants to get away / everyone loves a holiday
Radiation Oozing - yet another home movie-like instrumental
Road To My Summit - this is the same old story / it's one you've heard all your life
Rock N' Roll Saved the Day - a high school legend of yesteryear / got high on hope, funk, punk and fear
Secret Agent Girl - something tells me I'm gonna lose you / to some super intelligent international spy
Silverado Trail - festive friends are everywhere / on that happy Napa road
Skeleton River - slip into the dark on a boat ride / at skeleton river
Slave For Peanuts - you must be nuts / if you think I'll be your slave for peanuts
Social Network Friends - hey babe, it's me / I'm doing fine / I haven't seen you in a long long time
Sonic Rain - it's the same sonic rain / that clears away my pain
Spirit of the Ocean - one more home movie-like instrumental
Strange Water Flowing In - don't you know how far we've come / how much we've changed
Students of Mind Control - strange stream of consciousness mash-up
Sun Insider - you're the fighter for free energy / free energy from the sun
The Sun and Wind - the sun and wind / are all we really need for energy
Time Tunnels - time tunnels spin around in my mind
Tomorrow's Rock - tomorrow's rock will be a shock / for today's boys and girls
Too Much Talk - too much talk / not enough sense / in today's televised world
Two Systems Collide - you try to investigate / a little beyond / the real of your business
The USA and the Global View Today - freedom rings / everybody sings America the Beautiful
Waves On The West Coast - layin' in the sand / wait all year for summer / just to get a tan
Way Down - in the long run / no one wins / when the seeds of hate are planted
What Was Once Jaded Is Now Faded - when you paraded / you were raided
Where Do We Go From Here - whatever happened / to songs about peace and love
Who Do You Believe - you try to stand for something / then they laugh at you
Wind Around The Century - all the cracks in the city streets / fill themselves with emptiness
Wintergreen - nothing is clear / what is here to stay
You're So Strange - you live your life how you choose / you don't follow society's rules
You've Got To Be True - I feel so set back / since the moment you've been gone