San Francisco Bay Area Radio History
Alex Cosper

While working on air at Energy 92.7 from 2004 to 2006, I collected a lot of research on the area's radio history. Since I didn't find many thorough sites at the time devoted to San Francisco's incredible radio history, I decided to put an online report together. It took a lot of time and involved interviewing a lot of people, which is something I enjoy. That report first appeared on Tangent Sunset in 2004 and eventually moved to Playlist Research. Here's the link: San Francisco Bay Area History. Learn about the history in other major markets by reading the report on American Radio History.

The following sources gave me great insight on the history of Bay Area radio:

- My own experience, growing up visiting the Bay Area and working in Sacramento radio and radio research from writing for industry trade publications - Alex Cosper
- Arbitron
- Federal Communications Commission
- San Francisco Chronicle
- Oakland Tribune
- San Jose Mercury News
- Raechel Donahue
- Jim Gabbert
- Big Rick Stuart: bigrick.fm
- AlexBennett.com
- Paul "The Lobster" Wells: flowstream.com, lobstersrockbox.com
- radio discussion groups
- Robert Young, classical radio listener
- AllAccess.com
- RadioandRecords.com
- Richard Sands, The Sands Report
- SteveMasters.com
- Radio-Info.com
- Radio-Locator.com
- 440int.com
- MtAltra (TangentSunset.com)
- Gerry Cagle, MusicBiz.com
- BenFongTorres.com
- The Hits Just Keep Coming by Ben Fong-Torres, Miller Freeman Books, 1998.
- "Voices From the Fog - A History of Broadcasting in the San Francisco Bay Area" by John Schneider - http://users.adams.net/~jfs/
- OldRadio.com
- "A Chronology of AM Radio Broadcasting" - demajo.net/radio/timeline.htm
- "United States Early Radio History" by Thomas H. White - http://earlyradiohistory.us
- Jazzwest.com
- CharlesHerrold.org
- SchaferInternational.com
- Warner Bros.com
- WakeUpShow.com
- Bob Sherwood