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San Francisco Bay Area Radio History
Alex Cosper

While working on air at Energy 92.7 from 2004 to 2006, I collected a lot of research on the area's radio history. Since I didn't find many thorough sites at the time devoted to San Francisco's incredible radio history, I decided to put an online report together. It took a lot of time and involved interviewing a lot of people, which is something I enjoy. That report first appeared on Tangent Sunset in 2004 and eventually moved to Playlist Research. Here's the link: San Francisco Bay Area History.

The following sources gave me great insight on the history of Bay Area radio:

- My own experience, growing up visiting the Bay Area and working in Sacramento radio and radio research from writing for industry trade publications - Alex Cosper
- Arbitron
- Federal Communications Commission
- San Francisco Chronicle
- Oakland Tribune
- San Jose Mercury News
- Raechel Donahue
- Jim Gabbert
- Big Rick Stuart: bigrick.fm
- AlexBennett.com
- Paul "The Lobster" Wells: flowstream.com, lobstersrockbox.com
- radio discussion groups
- Robert Young, classical radio listener
- AllAccess.com
- RadioandRecords.com
- Richard Sands, The Sands Report
- SteveMasters.com
- Radio-Info.com
- Radio-Locator.com
- 440int.com
- MtAltra (TangentSunset.com)
- Gerry Cagle, MusicBiz.com
- BenFongTorres.com
- The Hits Just Keep Coming by Ben Fong-Torres, Miller Freeman Books, 1998.
- "Voices From the Fog - A History of Broadcasting in the San Francisco Bay Area" by John Schneider - http://users.adams.net/~jfs/
- OldRadio.com
- "A Chronology of AM Radio Broadcasting" - demajo.net/radio/timeline.htm
- "United States Early Radio History" by Thomas H. White - http://earlyradiohistory.us
- Jazzwest.com
- CharlesHerrold.org
- SchaferInternational.com
- Warner Bros.com
- WakeUpShow.com
- Bob Sherwood