Future President Pumpkin
(A Fictional Story About an Actual Cat)
by Alex Cosper

Happiness and world peace had been acheived after Pumpkin won the presidency. In his first act as the world's most popular leader, Pumpkin declared world peace and a promise that everyone had a nice comfortable home. Pumpin said in his first speech as President, "friendship and trust helps build bridges." Crowd cheers could be heard from all walks of life. The Cats now controlled the House.

The crowd cheers turned into a party. Pumpkin of the Cat Party had a history of exciting an audience when he was a radio star. He was a DJ for several radio stations. Then he expanded his show through websites, where he played fun music made by his friends in his local community. Pumpkin's popularity grew through social networks. Soon he had fans all over the world listening to hear if he would play their music.

Pumpkin changed pop culture in many ways. Prior to Pumpkin's presidency, society fell for a lot of peer pressure. A lot of this peer pressure came from TV and radio. But Pumpkin's mix of music and important information helped individuals make better decisions for themselves while entertaining them at the same time. Pumpkin opened minds and brought all ages together. For the first time in history, a president could be understood by everyone through an online video show.

As leader of the free world, Pumpkin made life relaxing simply by signing a law one Midnight that ended taxes and preplaced it with donations. The new system worked nicely and even brought in more cash than anyone ever dreamed. Pumpkin is also credited with shifting society's bad habits to a more healthy lifestyle. For example, Pumpkin's new laws helped farmers who grew organic fruits and vegetables.

No other president had cared so much about making sure everyone had shelter. Newspaper headlines about the president are usually very positive. That's because Pumpkin saved the newspaper industry by making it go completely online. His main concern aobut how news is delivered was to save trees, one of his great wonders about nature.

The entertainment world is where a lot of Pumpkin's popularity comes from. Many newspapers credit Pumpkin as "the cat who saved movies and music." Pumpkin even created thousands of new jobs that actors and musicians could find online.

What Pumpkin will most likely be remembered for will be the idea that cats inspire the best ideas when humans fail. Cats are warm and friendly. They know their surroundings and understand rules. They communicate in ways that are easier to understand than humans. They are trusting and caring but they know when they are being fooled. They might not have all the answers for the human world, but they have proven to broaden views about peace, happiness and world integration.

© 2012 Alex Cosper. All Rights Reserved.