Presenter: Live Host and Web Developer

Upper left: Alex Cosper introducing local band at Sacramento Music Festival

Upper right: Alex Cosper and Tony Cox, MCs at Sacramento Music Festival

Lower left: Alex Coser and Cary Nosler, MCs at Sacrmento Music Festival with Mick Martin in the background

Lower right: Everclear at Sacramento Music Festival

I use the term "presenter" to describe many aspects of my public work. Essentially, I've hosted many public events and radio shows and I've create tons of content for various websites including my own. Here is a list of my current websites:

Alex Cosper
Playlist Research
Nu Pop Culture
Tangent Sunset

Each of these sites will evolve in 2016. The oldest site, Tangent Sunset, needs the most overhaul as it transforms from a music site to a publishing site. When I launched it in 2003 it was designed to showcase songs from a band project I created called Tangent Sunset. It's more a collection of demos that showcase my musical repertoire, but I have ideas on expanding the concept to wider array of publishing interests.

Playlist Research launched in 2007 as a music encyclopedia resource. It is by far my most successful site, ranking in the top million worldwide on Alexa, out of close to 200 million sites. In 2015 it made the top 100,000 sites in the United States for the first time. The site contains hundreds of pages on music and radio history, including my intereviews with industry leaders.

SacTV was design to feature videos of my hometown Sacramento. But after I moved to San Diego I experimented with different themes for the site before deciding to change it back a collection of videos about Sacramento history and culture. Nu Pop Culture is my most recent site, launched in August 2015 to showcase my articles on how 21st century culture is moving toward various revolutions, such as organic food, better health, small business, indie music and green energy.

In 1999 I created Sacramento's first full time internet radio station SacLive, which got news coverage from local media and had a promotional partnership with the Sacramento Bee. It was discontinued after a year as I moved to the San Franciscio Bay Area to do radio and live hosting work. Now that I'm in San Diego I'm currently developing the KWODZAP Video Series to showcase my music and social commentary pieces.