Mass Mania in Slow Motion
by Alex Cosper

Mass Mania in Slow Motion

We live in a world of colorful images in the form of dots on a screen.
These dots leads us into a fantasy world that replaces the real world
and helps drive mass mania in slow motion. A lot of what we are told by mass media leads to mass acceptance, which becomes very difficult to cure. Read more about Mass Mania in Slow Motion here.

Outsider Blues

Conformity is the essence of mass marketing of pop culture. The monkey see monkey do equation gets to be pretty simple if no one is raised to question what they see or hear. Things become popular partly by individual choice, but it's not as if every individual discovered it on their own. People who go against the grain of conformity are treated as outsiders. Read more about Outsider Blues here.

Question What You Read

At one time all you have to do was get a book published and the masses who read it assumed it had to be factual content in order to be published in a book. Those were the days when you could trick people about their own history. Actually, it still goes on today. You have to be even more careful about what you read on the internet and consider what the commercial motives are behind the writing. Read more about Question What You Read here.

Assembly Line Music

Getting an entire society on the same page seems kind of complex, unless you're one of the few corporations who get to control the handful of media channels that the masses consume. Getting the masses to forget about their own culture and consume assembly line music is one way to keep uniformity and conformity in order. Read more about Assembly Line Music here.

Shrunken Heads

Once you become aware of who you really are as a person beyond a consumer, you can then begin to see who the gatekeepers are that have been holding you back from exploring nature. They turn out to be shrunken heads and it should come as no surprise that they are heavily driven by greed. Read more about Shrunken Heads here.

We're Not Here To Help

Sometimes you have to turn to "the system" for help but what you will usually find is a cold blooded response that only helps you if your story is supported by specific data. Since we live in a world that is carefully built on money as the key to everything, it's very hard to get someone's help if it has nothing to do with money. Read more about We're Not Here To Help here.

The First Rule of Music

Music seems like it would be the perfect medicine to cure the all the problems presented by the shrunken heads. But then it turns out shrunken heads also control music as an industry. Let's face it, if something makes money, shrunken heads will want a piece of it. Even though music sales have declined in the new century, there are still ways to exploit it commercially. Original expressive music, however, is still potentially much more powerful. Read more about The First Rule of Music here.

Corporate Compromise

Corporate control of neighborhoods was a slow process. It took awhile for the rules to loosen to let big biz buy up whatever it wanted, even if it meant borrowing the money that didn't really exist. Through a collection of ponzi schemes and mass acceptance, big biz was able to accelerate toward its corporate utopia for society thanks to politicians getting bribed by corporations. Read more about Corporate Compromise here.

What This City Needs

Every city needs its own local identity, but when the program is mass mania in slow motion, community spirit can be blurred. Nationalized culture that reflects TV advertising is what corporations feel cities need, but that's pretty one dimensional and greedy thinking. What every city needs are organic reminders of the real world and opportunities for people to explore their own dreams. Read more about What This City Needs here.

Organic Medicine

Commercial medicine has become a vampire in our culture, manufactured by greedy corporations that are more about money than medicine. If they were more about medicine they'd at least spend more money on research and development rather than mass marketing. Organic medicine represents the light bulb in a new world of expanded consciousness. Getting back to nature is one of the most important steps to preventing senseless mass murder in slow motion. Read more about Organic Medicine here.