We're Not Here to Help
by Alex Cosper

Attitudes of the Brainwashers

Mass mania in slow motion, a euphemism for dreadful practices that slowly poison society both physically and mentally, can really only be reversed if one of two things happen. Either the elite who perpetrate this manipulation either regulate themselves or some other power steps in to assist them with reform. Many times this other power turns out to be government, but sometimes it can be consumers that revolt. It wouldn't be that big of a deal if the most powerful people on the planet cared more about humanity than money.

As it is, everyone gets hijacked one way or another so that money returns to the hands of the puppet masters who shape a lot of our cultural choices. It's possible to escape this system and control your own empire, but most people are not taught to challenge or escape the system. We are taught to be absorbed by the system while those who don't want any part of it are labeled outcasts, hippies or bums. Once a person is shut out of the system he or she is treated as an irrelevant loner.

The system rewards idealism only if it relates to materialism and can move dollars. When I talk about the system in this sense, it's more the archaic system that's slowly dying. The concept of every person being responsible for their own wealth, despite the fact not everyone can be wealthy, is a social and economic model that is gradually crumbling. The attitude that government shouldn't help people and disadvantaged people should be thrown to the wind is fading with this awful old paradigm. It's old because it clings to the stone age philosophy of selfishness, one of humanity's biggest weaknesses.

Allegiance to Apathy

On one hand, at a very young age we are taught that greed isn't good and that helping others is good. Then as we get older and become adults, after all those years of schooling, the job market throws that education out the window and forces people into a dog eat dog/winner take all economic system. For many people enough money to survive and pay bills is good enough. But the system still forces people to earn and spend money in order to pay for food and shelter. Many times when homeless people turn to leaders with money for help, the response is "we're not here to help."

In some places homelessness is illegal and walking around the streets at night can get a person thrown in jail. The cold blooded attitude of local leaders is join the materialistic culture that worships money or disappear. Yet, this same insane system that insists on separation between church and state preaches empty religious doctrines that feed the ego but get ignored in the real world, such as "love thy neighbor."

All these layers of confusion are not that well articulated. The real god of our culture, TV, has much more impact since most people spend more time with watching TV than studying religion or spirituality. If TV says eat junk food, then it must be alright. TV essentially turns off the mind and throws it into a hypnotic state that a huge segment of the population cannot resist. What many people forget is that they are being programmed. Most televised sponsors have deep pockets to pay for the expensive advertising, so the system automatically shuts out all the messages that aren't backed by money.

Is the TV in your living room really there to help? Only to the extent its goal is to use up your time and drain you of as much cash as possible in exchange for tons of advertised products that no one really needs to survive. Watching too much television leads to laziness, reduced attention span and ultimately poor health. Even though diet and exercise are the keys to good health, the message from TV is that you can be a couch potato now and the health care industry will take care of you down the road. In the meantime, getting you addicted to commercial pharma drugs becomes the bridge between the present and future. This doesn't mean all television is wrong. You just need to be more aware and alert about the real intent behind programming, which is advertising, not so much education.

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