Shrunken Heads
by Alex Cosper

Defenders of Greed and Mediocrity

Luckily a lot of the old world is just dissolving. But in the transition to 21st century thinking, there are still shrunken heads of the old world that influence society. Many of these shrunken heads are CEOs of big polluters to our environment. They care not about our safety, just about sucking as many dollars out of the market as possible. Believe it or not these shrunken heads are allowed to run up massive debt from eight figure bank loans just so that the top execs can get paid seven figure salaries, despite floundering at business.

We're not supposed to question these greedy worthless over-paid failures. In fact, we're supposed to admire them for how much money they take from the system. In some ways these guys are invisible to society since they quietly take but rarely give back. Only in the United States are CEOs allowed to make nearly 150 times what workers make while the rest of the world pays CEOs more like 10 or 20 times what workers make. The question becomes: why do shrunken heads - the same group that votes against education and helping the poor while their most passionate issue is tax cuts for the wealthy - need all that money? After all, they are the ones who crashed the economy. Shouldn't they be in prison working for pennies?

Even though capitalism was originally envisioned to facilitate a fair market between owners and consumers, somehow the economy crashers adapted capitalism to be more like vulturism so that the selfish and greedy get the rewards, even for pushing mass mediocrity on the public. The reason why they get away with mediocrity is because they can afford to advertise on national TV, the idiot box that makes people stupider if they watch it too much. A lot of products advertised on TV from fast food to soda pop to dangerous pharma drugs are just toxic trash that the human body does not really want or need. But through repetition and upbeat actors, shrunken heads are able to push their dopey useless toxic trash on a society brainwashed by television.

Shrinking Heads in Slow Motion

As much as shrunken headed psychotics have damaged the environment and the food supply with their cancerous chemicals, the government has finanlly started to act to limit the influence of these heartless clueless numbskulls. Historically, they were partners with the government in the run-up of insane mass marketing that led to all this chemical pollution surrounding us. Through bribery, the representative of shrunken heads called lobbyists were able to loosen up laws to let polluters have their fun while laughing all the way to the bank. But the shifting sands of time have finally caught up with their extreme psychosis.

You don't hear about shrunken heads too much in the news, because big media protects its bosses. Usually when a war breaks out it has something to do with paying off shrunken heads and very little if anything to do with how it's painted on the news. Television is entertainment to the masses and an effective brainwashing tool for, you guessed it, those shriveled up brainless shrunken heads. Another name to call them is "conswervative," which I define as someone who calls themself a conservative yet swerves in crazy directions that are anti-conservation, anti-education and anti-peace. They love doing all the opposite things such as using up resources to play stupid war games.

The government realized it let the people down by allowing these fake heroes to go too far with their greed. The end result of every greed cycle is economic collapse because that's just the way the grand illusion of money works. Money has nothing to do with any god or spirit, despite the wording on dollar bills. Money was manufactured by humans, not entities from the sky, so that we don't have to resort to trading apples with oranges. In the process, we're supposed to forget about spirituality and chase materialism, not to make our lives better but to make shrunken headed clowns in fancy suits richer. Slowly it's beginning to change. It's too bad it's not changing fast enough, but as time goes on you will see more restrictions on these empty-headed polluters, which they certainly deserve.

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