Mass Mania in Slow Motion
by Alex Cosper


Mass Mania in Slow Motion is both a title and a description of the old world that's dissolving. In a nutshell I came up with the title for this story full of songs by examining the crazy world we live in and noticing that mass mania somewhat guides people into living unhappy lives. We end up becoming slaves of trendy product cycles and when they become outdated a voice inside tells us to buy them again. In the process of consuming these disosable items, we are using up the earth's resources. Trees bring us lots of paper while oil converts into many different products including plastic. In many ways the digital nu world is reducing our needs for paper and plastic.

The reason why this story takes place in slow motion is because that's the speed at which a brainwashed scoiety operates. If big companies can create lots of environmental damage in slow motion, then it's accepted by the planners of our society and its victims. If it turns out a form of food processing leads to cancer, but death does not occur for several decades, then the scandal is usually limited and eventually drowned out by zillions of other media messages. It's only when corporate

Old World vs Nu World

I came up with two categories that describe the influences in our culture and it's not so much about politics as it is where on civilization's timeline the thinking falls. An entity that profits from pollution and misleading society is considered "old world" while an entity that respects humanity and the environment is said to be "nu world." In that sense, everything that is indie, organic, green and innovative is nu while greed and manipulation are destructive qualities of the old world.

In 2014 our world is divided between old and nu. The difference between the two isn't hard to figure out. When it comes to employment, the old world is about slavery and set wages whereas the nu world is about freedom and unlimited income. When it comes to entertainment the old world decides for you, serving the same dull cookie-cutter formulas over and over, whereas the nu world gives you much more selection and lets you enjoy your media when you want, not according to a strict national schedule. When it comes to health and nutrition, the old world wants you to consume as many sweets and fattening artificial foods as possible, while the nu world urges more attention to organic fruits and vegetables.

Even though I would rather think about just the nu world all the time, I realize I have to help my friends who are trapped in the old world cross over into the nu world. All it takes is sharing information, which is what the nu world is all about on social networks. So I've dedicated most of this story to spotting old world tendencies and understanding how they can be corrected.

I originally thought about calling this collection "Mass Murder in Slow Motion" but realized it was too realistic of a title and might shock people to realize that our environment is full of toxic chemicals. A long list of toxins have been banned the past century that at one time were used to build homes and make food. The toxins are now known to cause cancer. But if cancer happens in slow motion then it's not so bad, at least from a corporate perspective. It's become a pretty big industry when you consider the cost of treatment. The government is supposed to protect its people from cancerous food but operates in slow motion when it comes to pulling dangerous products off the market.

What's weird about the corporate world and its partnership with government is that it doesn't always produce the best products for the market. A lot of junk food known to wreck the body, for example, gets celebrated and validated in the media even beyond advertising. Artificial flavors and other chemicals found in candy and soda can cause health problems. But since these health problems unfold in slow motion, corporations are off the hook with both the government and society.

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