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The Legend of KZAP
by Alex Cosper

KZAP was a station with a lot of personality. It was the town's most talked about FM for years. It was a station Sacramento could count on for community spirit and incredible new music. Prior to the big mergers that created the big radio companies of the 1990s and 2000s, many radio stations were run by small companies. When KZAP started out as a small company in the late 1960s, the jocks were allowed to play whatever music they wanted. It marked the beginning of freeform rock radio in Sacramento. Then a bigger company took over and the jocks still had freedom, but not as much. Then a bigger company took over. Read all about it at Playlist Research.

Some of the memorable personalities who worked at KZAP over the years include:

Charlie Weiss
Jeff Hughson
Fred Gaines
Cary Nosler (Captain Carrot)
Mick Martin
Jim Hilsabeck
Robert Williams
Dennis Newhall
Phil Glatz

Andy Rush
Bryan Davis
Bruce Meier
Tom Cale
Tim Bedore
Nick Rhodes
Kevin "Boom Boom" Anderson"
Bob Keller
Bob Galli (The Godfather)
Bill Prescott
Curtiss Erectus
Pat Still
Cristina Mendonsa
Dorian McKenzie