The First Info Poem
by Alex Cosper
September 23, 2014

This is the first info poem and it won't be the last
the idea is to feed your brain with knowledge fast
It's not about dance floor beats or pop star jivers
Cause you can make more money as dump truck drivers

These are the rules of the info poem art form
It doesn't have to rhyme just to rhyme
it just has to share useful knowledge
and it can't be full of pure mindless jive

Each lyrical line needs to feed the curious mind
There's no room for useless word plays that waste people's time
It's gotta help fuel the knowledge economy
It can't just be vague astronomy

There's no need to worry about melody
That's the one thing info poems have in common with rap
Tunes are for tunesmiths who know how to rock with soul
Info poems aren't caught up in a musical formula trap

Rap was cool when it first started out with community vibes
Then greedy corporations invaded the tribes
Trivialized and commercialized by schemers
Soon it was watered down by pop chart dreamers

The story of rock was pretty much the same
It started as wild and fun then after awhile it all sounded the same
You can't call it a revolution if it's just about fame
You can't say it's a cultural solution if it's just a money game

Rap's not dead and neither is rock
Both will last a long time like the Beatles and Bach
It's the monopolistic marketers who have let the fans down
It's their meaningless slogans and formulas that have been beaten down

An info poem does not prioritize rhymes or rhythm
Some lyrics may be awkward, so you just have to live with em
It's all about meaning and truth, not about glam or style
It's a forum to share information, not just a hooky hit single to make an airhead smile

It's still ok if an info poem becomes a hit
It just can't be a typical formula with shallow content
Anyone who tries to sell info poems without content rich facts
Is just playing with karma and will fall through the cracks

The purpose of info poems is to inspire and to inform
It's not meant to sell a million units or to conform
If knowledge in an info poem cannot be identified
Then it is by definition automatically disqualified

If an info poem is proven to be false or full of lies
Then it is said to be debunked and decategorized
The info poem community will rise and be wise
It will grow in power and not be marginalized

One little tip that could prove to be vital
Is that "info poem" helps to be at the end of a title
It's not required, but it helps researchers understand
That it's an info poem and not just trash from a meaningless band

So if you're tired of media content that seems mentally dense
There's a new game in town that makes more sense
Say goodbye to light weight lyrics that don't mean much
Say goodbye to pop culture monopolists who are way out of touch

The coolest thing about info poems is they cost nothing to make
as compared with 100k recordings that cause debt and despair
no more reason to be cookie cutter or fake
info poems can be for profit or be free to share

Yes, this is the first info poem and it won't be the last
the idea is to educate students fast
It's not about sound loop beats or fast talking jivers
Cause you can make more money as dump truck drivers