Mass Media Mirage Info Poem
by Alex Cosper
October 15, 2015

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Mass media maintains its mirage
with techniques of mind control massage
circles spinning on the modern green screen
enter hypnosis of the magical big biz machine

How long does it take for mindbenders to get their chance
to alter your consciousness into a trance?
the repeating lights and sound can trick you within a minute
flickering light establishes a hypnotic state and quickly you're in it.

Soon you will accept that the dots are not blinking
then they'll shut down any critical thinking
they'll teach you how to summarize between love and hate
so you may become dull and marginalized in a paralyzed state

From beta to alpha, your brainwaves change channels
shifting from alert to relaxed, like a bike with no handles
big biz pushes the buttons and then says presto
as your mind passively absorbs the unquestioned manifesto

A hypnotist pulls you in with vocal patterns of inflection
without resistance you will soon be under his or her direction
as long as you trust the source, you will respond to the gentle force
combined with redundant messages to follow your charted course

Trust turns to acceptance, which defines artificial truth
repetition embeds the lie in your long term memory booth
accuracy then becomes a conditioned response
no matter what the real facts are while contradiction is viewed as nuance

Diving deeper and deeper into perception
subliminal processing leads to awareness threshold intersection
with intuition that shapes the conscious mind
that's how reason is formed to keep you in line

Obey the command, buy it then try it, boom boom boom
your instructions today just like yesterday are to spend and consume
do not be an outcast who doesn't fit in
or the fashion police will point you out and then do you in

Just like information fed into a computer program
the mind works the same way, wham bam bam
Even if the info is wrong the computer or the mind still plays along
and that is what big biz media is arrogantly counting on

If you believe something you are told that isn't true
the mind does not correct the mistake automatically for you
that's how big biz gets away with telling you lies
it's wildly fabricated as news and entertainment in disguise

Many people have been bluffed all their lives
to cherish fictitious stuff, tricking kids, husbands and wives
Cognitive dissonance becomes a symptom of manipulation
rejecting the truth if it doesn't confirm the indoctrination

Like a dim-witted zombie with a head full of rocks
you believe the big biz message that only money talks
when you base your whole life on materialism and cash
it helps you conform to the mass production of synthetic trash

You can protect yourself from subconscious submission
by understanding the art and science of trust and repetition
tell yourself inside you'll question whatever you find
use this guide to deprogram your subliminal mind

Don't believe the hype or get trapped in barrage
use your vision to see through mass media mirage
sort out what's real from the cultural collage
see through the raw deal of the mass media mirage