Recycle To Help The Environment Info Poem
by Alex Cosper
March 14, 2015

Everyone needs to think about the products we use
Cutting back on things we waste is a helpful attitude
Instead of throwing things away we can use them again
spread the word, tell everyone, tell every single friend

We can all help make the world a better place
as long as we're all conscious of the human race
We need to do what's best for civilization to survive
let's all spread the word to make recycling come alive

The more we restore, the less damage is done
Sustainability is a modern theme
The less we obssess, the more we progress
Sustainability is more than just a dream

Everyone knows about a place to recycle trash
take your trash there, you might even get cash
think about creating an old car theme parody
think about donating old items to a superstar charity

Recycle or be a relic of the past
Help create a new upcycle that is designed to last
Be the innovator who the gurus talk about
Be the curator who knows who everyone is inside and out

All it takes is a little bit of analysis
to criticize why sometimes things get over-produced
a short-sighted paralysis
can become your self-induced noose

The environment is something we all must protect
it helps us to learn about how to inspect
anything we decide to throw away
sometimes you can see the world in a special way

What pop culture needs is a leader who loves the trees
it's a dream that some may take for granted
Wouldn't it be nice to protect all the honey bees
And care about the future of this planet?

The more people preserve, the more we can share
the more we conserve, the more we can spare
Like resetting the clock and becoming aware
the ideas we relate show that we care

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