If You Don't Have Medical Insurance Info Poem
by Alex Cosper
March 14, 2015

If you don't have medical insurance in this day and age
you may find yourself at the center of a rage
all it takes is one little slip in your old age
and you will be stuck with a stack a bills in the early stage

They will grind you and take away your fun
they will undermine you and leave you with none
you've got to pay attention to your plan
you can't afford to misunderstand

If you don't have medical insurance
society is programmed to think you're wrecking your life
corporate pre-paid insurance
maybe someday it will help improve your life

Part of the problem is that you may be throwing money away
notice how most of the time everything turns out ok?
you have to ask yourself about your partying days of the past
why does so much of your money disappear fast?

Did you set life up to be a gamble
making it difficult for poets to unscramble?
telling yourself you will never get ill
and your entire life will be one big thrill

Medical insurance is something you may not use
It's a safety net for things you would rather not choose
It's an extra bill that you don't need to leave behind
It's the last thing on anybody's mind

Sometimes you fall into a situation
where you're better off with a medical plan
So many people across the nation
keep on avoiding paying the man

Then again, you can live a healthy life
when you steer clear of the health scare traps
Think about organic food and a positive vibe
Protect your immune system from collapse

Stay away from fake foods you see everywhere
Participate in an organic foods street fair
Walk every day and you'll feel ok
learn about nutrition every day

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