History of the Health Scare System Info Poem
by Alex Cosper
March 14, 2015

The American health scare system is one of the strangest things on Earth
it's like a cold blooded slap in the face
kind of a disgrace
It doesn't make you safe or secure

Greed is the core of health care industry profits
it was never about creating a healthier planet
don't think that it's about anything but profits
if you really want to understand it

A better path to a healthier culture
would be to not approach everything like a Wall Street vulture
it's better to think of humanity first
and not lower ourselves to the pits of money's curse

Preventing disease is a better strategy
than relying on doctors to maintain a person's health
Too much junk food and TV dinners lead to tragedy
then eats away at a person's wealth

Somewhere around the turn of the 20th century
was the rise of the food manufacturing industry
pretty soon food started coming from a factory
then we had to deal with health scare quackery

Those were the days when health didn't matter
especially if your wallet kept getting fatter
capitalism was the core of the money machine
it didn't matter if the food blocked the bloodstream

Regulators are like alligators
they can relax on lazy grounds
they can be crazy investigators
they can also be sleepy friends of deceptive clowns

Don't fall for the fast food prank
don't eat processed foods
don't keep draining money from the bank
on dangerous genetically modified foods

Tests have been done and studies have found
GMO food can tear your immune system down
less GMOs is what we request
organic food is always the best

The health scare system begins at an early age
they trap your mind in an electronic cage
then they fill your head with commercials on toxic fast food waste
they pitch to the end that it's got a synthetic sugary taste

Couch potato junkie, follower of mainstream TV
it teaches you to be a monkey see monkey do junkie
It limits your chance to be free
it makes you a slave of repetitious debris

Deep down inside you know the truth
that the pop culture vultures target the youth
they rope people in and turn them into consumers
they dope people up with chemicals that cause tumors

Once they hook you on burgers, fries and soda
next step is credit cards from South Dakota
prescription drugs become the answer to your messed up feeling
if only you understood the value of diet and exercise, how better you'd be feeling

Big cash rolls in for the medical biz
Big big bills piling high
Time for better regulation of the medical biz
Doctors running bills up to the sky

I wouldn't be surprised
if there's a bribe to prescribe
every health care drug you've taken
all those assumptions now mistaken

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