The Science of Sugar Info Poem
by Alex Cosper
March 12, 2015

see also The First Info Poem

Just like the tobacco biz
Sugar has been exposed
it's not good for your health
no matter what the brainwashers disclose

Sugar is a hidden ingredient in so much processed food
you don't need that extra fructose, oh no no
Sugar is an overdone ingredient in boxes and cans of food
you don't need all that MSG, oh no no

Artificial sweeteners provide the bliss people crave
sugar is added to bread and soup
disease is connected with excessive sugar intake
it makes sense to put sugar in the toxic group

Too much fructose shuts down the brain
you shouldn't have to be a nutritionist to know
sugar leads to a lousy quality of life
it usually takes several years to show

Sugar increases fat in the liver
sugar increases chances of cancer
sugar can fuel existing tumors
sugar is not the answer

26 teaspoons a day is too much sugar
Under 10 teaspoons is much safer
just say no to corporate sugar
I say no to soda and sugar

Always check the labels for ingredients
never accept long words you can't pronounce
sugar is often hidden in ingredients
chemical sweeteners hidden in large amounts