Sports Championship Philosophy Info Poem
by Alex Cosper
February 2, 2015

see also The First Info Poem

So you've made it to the big game
now you're starting to go a little insane
wondering where do you begin
to make sure you come away with the big win

Some games are based on points within a certain frame of time
football, basketball and soccer immediately come to mind
Games like baseball and golf let each side have an equal chance
but every championship can be thought of as a ticket to the dance

So many cliches are like half baked riddles
words of wisdom backed by pianos and fiddles
some of it's wise, some of it's lies
as if words of the past determine who lives or dies

Remember that strategy is only half the picture
play execution needs to be part of the mixture
don't rely on percentages on every play
don't let the screaming crowd take your focus away

The secret to winning is bonding the team
as all the players connect to the same steady dream
plan it out in your mind when you sleep
eliminate doubt and make commitments to keep

Open your mind to the expansive zone
it's a world of wonder that we all own
put your heart into it with energy
let the result be team spirit synergy

Forget the cliches and the imagined hoorays
don't let off-the-field drama dominate practice days
practice makes perfect .. unless your practice is misaligned
slow and steady wins the race .. unless you fall behind

Here's the truth you may have already learned in your youth
and if you don't believe it you can find plenty of proof
no one wins every time and losing a game is not a major crime
win or lose just play by the rules and try to use a relaxed sharpened mind

Games are an exhibition of desire and skill
you can go far if you make it your will
but don't expect the heavens to be on your side
that's an example of way too much pride

Pride is an intrusion that ties a soul down
pride is an illusion disguising a clown
let pride be honest when it's all said and done
let pride be humble once you're declared number one