End of the Industrial Age Info Poem
by Alex Cosper
December 27, 2014

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It's the end of the industrial age but not everyone understands
So much of the old world infrastructure still needs new plans
The world of factory workers doing what they're told is transforming
into a new paradigm of storytellers entertaining and informing

You can still work for big biz if you want to be a slave
but It's not like the old days when big biz took you by the hand
now CEOs are counting pennies to save
so maybe it's time to write your own business plan

The industrial age is ending because it produced too much waste
environmental reconstruction is now what we must face
You can tear down the earth with greed but you can't kill its soul
what's emerging at an amazing speed is less manufacturing as the ultimate goal

Records and books used to stack high and take up space
but it was all a fleeting admiration of dreams the common people chase
Now we can experience all the same things online
without using up resources then leaving them behind

Think of how people have become empowered to write their own book
Now you don't need to conform to things you think are wrong
in the industrial age you did whatever it took
now you don't need permission to release your own song

A lot of people are trying to create their empires online
Yet they still haven't learned from the gold rush of '49
If you're trying to be rich you might do better digging a ditch
than to try to convince people your vision is divine

The idea is not to sell rocks that others can find
The idea is to create your own design
Share it with the people who share your vision
and don't stay trapped in one single division

The industrial age is being replaced by an expressive age
and it won't be long before history turns the page
if you focus on greed you'll fall over a cliff
if you stay true to your beliefs you'll be given a lift

The industrial age can still be seen in the distance
Like a giant monster, it remains in a state of resistance
Someday solar and wind will replace the machines that pollute the sky
so goodbye industrial age ... bye, bye, bye

Let go of materials and step into the knowledge space
share ideas and make new friends who connect with your base
Don't waste time trying to teach the sneering swine
as you gradually build your loyal community online