99 Cent Scientist Info Poem
by Alex Cosper
November 11, 2014

Science is compromised by commerce
Sometimes it's torn apart by greed
Occassionally it's based on intuition
it's something you might read on a news feed

Many of us are fooled by popularity
We're not trained to see through polarity
Most people are conditioned to laugh at abnormity
Because we're programmed to support conformity

Like a repetitious beat based on super strict rules
we dance with the crowd so we don't stand out as fools
follow the leader who establishes meter
and spread lots of rumors to other consumers

New inventions come and go
with the best of intentions we may never know
Some products win and some products lose
some of the best innovations never make the news

A kid in a garage paints a collage
but no one else sees the beauty
It only means one thing to one mind
It doesn't really match the call of duty

The assignment was to make a new app
that outdates search engines with a new map
But the kid has other ideas outside the box
and he's getting real bored with how the teacher talks

Equations are never explained
yet that's what's pounded in his brain
he can't really visualize what it all means
he doesn't believe it's due to his genes

He wants to change the world but he doesn't write code
He sees a strange new world outside every node
He wants to reach for a spirit and see it and hear it
But the school won't explore it or even come near it

His parents told him all along that content is king
but everywhere he turns that doesn't mean anything
Sharing content is how he finds his soul
he loves handcrafted art and rock and roll

As he gazes down the road he looks beyond code
and tries to envision what he can solve
he doesn't realize that the cash is in the code
as his dreams start to dissolve

He doesn't want to be a test monkey
He doesn't want to be an algorithmic junkie
He wants the computer to do that for him
So he can move forward with his vision

But the money is going dry as a tear comes to his eye
staring at the screen he wonders why
all his dreams about peace and love from the ground to the sky
are overshadowed by miles of code that passes him by

He wants to be a leader and share his dream
but he's shut out of the game by the rest of his team
either be a code slave or a low paid clerk
neither family nor school prepared him for this kind of work

The class clown next door is bought out by big biz
He gets credit for being a high tech whiz
but doesn't know much and he's way out of touch
his parents are rich and help buy him a niche

His app doesn't do anything new
But deals are made with the school of who's who
The corporation is really just a ponzi scheme
Buying his app for millions, fullfilling his dream

You can make a lot of money as a scientist
as long as you're discovered by someone with big cash
your idea can be a super flop and still pay you off
if you follow the rules of collecting your stash

A 99 cent scientist designs a do nothing app
next thing you know it's the most downloaded app
it adds nothing new to pop culture
it's just another treat for the venture vulture

In a world of make-believe trash
Scientists stand in line for cash
I see the plan and the look of pulling straws
and I understand your book is full of many flaws

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