A Peacemaker's Info Poem
by Alex Cosper
November 13, 2014

see also The First Info Poem

Peace is the true secret to success
war is nothing but an investor's quest
if you invest in war you will destroy
if you invest in peace you will spread joy

It doesn't take much to understand
better ways of life to share the land
yet war is complex and takes a lot of cash
it's a useless scheme that creates mountains of trash

Wars always start by drawing lines in the sand
one ego rejects another then makes demands
The story we're told is rarely the truth
you'll hear a lot of myths to exploit the youth

"I'll fight for my country" is the common mirage
they sell as a commercial in the mental massage
using the media they push buttons to create trap doors
without soldiers and tanks funded by banks there would be no wars

Back in the sixties a new culture awoke
seeing through lies, the pop music peacemakers spoke
kids protested the war industry game
it was a big backlash in the flash of fame

And so peace was at hand at least for awhile
as the warmongers paused then said with a smile
"we'll convert the youth back into troops through mind control
we'll just put more sex and glam into rock and roll ...

We'll make recording expensive to shut down the poet
We'll change the game from know it to show it
We'll make bass and beats get fatter and fatter
We'll make mixes extensive so lyrics won't matter

And the rhymes won't be about peace
they'll be about west versus east
we'll talk about gender but only as toys
we'll focus the topics on girls chasing boys"

Shutting down minds with continuous beats
spreading seduction all over the streets
no more mind-opening songs like before
not much talk of resisting war

There's not much to protest and not much to learn
If your sexy little circle is your only concern
you're drowning in booze and buying what's hip
while corporate controls the commercial trip

Yeah, the message became shut up and dance
don't question the game, it's about romance
Romance the fun and romance the gun
if it's on the screen, let it be your dream and let it be fun

Bankers won the battle of mind control
riding on the saddle of body and soul
they drowned out peace and got everyone drunk
letting booze makers borrow for ads til their budgets had sunk

Peace was restored when the web came along
opening minds to a new kind of song
people freed themselves of the televised vice
soon music was everywhere without paying a price

Now you don't have to throw away time
now you don't have to rob yourself blind
now you can learn whatever you like
now learning the truth is like riding a bike

Peace is spreading through social networks
Peace can be made at home or at work
Peace is more than escape though fantasy
Peace has the power to reshape reality