Early American History Info Poem
by Alex Cosper
October 16, 2014

The history of America began with native dreams
Invaded by Europeans sent by kings and queens
Several nations claimed settlements in the colonies
but they taxed the settlers and preached religious anthologies

So in 1776 colonists drafted a Declaration
Eleven years later the U.S. became its own nation
And so America was free from the British advance
thanks to help from the natives and France

The First Continental Congress was in 1787
it was a guarantee of separation between the state and heaven
then George Washington became the first president a few years later
a big central government was what he related

Thomas Jefferson became president in 1801
He stood for states' rights and the farmer because he himself was one
He's remembered as one of the greatest leaders of his day
A lot of his philosophies on democracy are still quoted today

Jefferson enabled the Louisiana Purchase from France in 1803
He made a $50 million deal with Napoleon that went down in history
Then Lewis and Clark were sent on an expedition to explore
sailing down the Mississippi River in 1804

Britain invaded again with the war of 1812
a few years later they lost the war
Under President James Madison America prevailed
this time it emerged much stronger than before

In the early 1820s images began to appear
scratchy looking photos that weren't always clear
they were fun to send when writing a letter
It would take a few more decades for the tech to get better

The Indian Removal Act of 1830 led to a trail of tears
Andrew Jackson signed the law that was implemented over the next dozen years
The 1830s boomed from land obsession
then the Panic of '37 led to four years of widespread depression

Manifest Destiny was the vision of James K. Polk
A coast to coast nation for the American folk
The California gold rush attracted miners to their fate
In 1850 America admitted the Golden State

Boom then bust was the story all along
The Romantic Age merged with an old banjo song
The theory of evolution soon contrasted the gospel of the divine
when Darwin published the Origin of Species in 1859

By 1861 the east coast and west coast were connected by telegraph
all you had to know was Morse Code and a bit of basic math
That was the end of stage coach mail from the Pony Express
The world was changing through science test after test

By the 1860s slavery became the talk on the Senate floor
as the Union was divided by the Civil War
The north freed the slaves in '63 and Lee Surrendered in '65
Then Lincoln's assassin was wanted dead or alive

Some of Lincoln's legacy was signing the Homestead Act
as settlers headed west to cultivate free land
But much of it was stolen from natives and that's a fact
part of it was to make way for railroads to expand

Reconstruction was slowed for awhile
then radical reformers took over for awhile
Ulysses Grant imposed northern occupation of the south
but over time the south took back control by word of mouth

A post-war boom created inflation
followed by two decades of relentless stagnation
just when everyone thought they were free
depression in Europe caused the panic of '73

Reconstruction was compromised in backdoor rooms after long debates
In 1877 the Union agreed to quit occupying southern states
Sam Tilden had easily won the popular vote
But lost the presidency by one electoral vote

Alexander Graham Bell wired a world of new believers
and around the world you could hear people laugh
it started with transmitters and receivers
originally called the talking telegraph

Cowboy songs did in fact change the world
that's how the west was won and capitalisim unfurled
the world connected with long distance lines
and the global market took shape with drilling and mines

Tesla and Edison set the stage
for the modern electrical world
Long before talk of minimum wage
Factories rose in the industrial world

Farmers moved to the city
to chase the American dream
cable cars populated the city
entering a new American dream

Don't forget the Panic of '93
Even though it's forgotten in history
diamonds, pitches, strikes and steals
building our dreams on American baseball fields

If you wanted to know a popular song
chances are it was by a marching band
If you had a piano you could play along
with sweet sheet music that ruled the land

You can't say things weren't happening at the turn of the century
because that was the beginning of the film and recording industry
a nickel machine that sings and talks replaced the rolls of the music box
that's the true story of the American dream ... just reflecting on early U.S. history

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