History of the World Info Poem
by Alex Cosper
October 2, 2014

Scientists disagree on the exact age of the Earth
Most agree it's billions of years old, for whatever that's worth
Some say the universe started with a super big bang
And from that force all the stars and planets sprang
Holy rollers insist the whole thing was started by God
Others suggest time never began, which seems rather odd

Dinosaurs ruled the world long before the stone age man
Then with homo sapiens art and language began
Through thousands of years humans went through evolution
Then around 10,000 BC marked the start of the agricultural revolution
Somewhere between 3000 and 4000 BC kingdoms rose around the world
That's when kings and queens began to pretend God made them rulers of the world

Political power coincided with the advent of math
Learning to count became the secret to social control
Peasants learned to fear the authority's sword or staff
They were warned not to be greedy or they'd lose their soul
The counting of numbers divided the ruling and working class
That's the main thing to remember about the distant past

2600 BC is now considered very very old
that's when Egyptians began mining for gold
Greeks worked on math for hundreds of years
by 776 BC they had a system for counting the years
Nearly 400 years later Plato founded his academy
where his student Aristotle helped shape science, music and Western philosophy

The Roman Republic ended in 27 BC
It was replaced by the Roman Empire, which lasted til 476 AD
Christians emerged from Rome in its first century
They set out to overthrow the empire's dictatorship and make history
They finally did it in 313
With the conversion of Roman Emperor Constantine

Over the years the gospel spread
Keep in mind, this was all before books were massively read
It was a time when status was conveyed with a colorful hat
It was a time when people everywhere thought the Earth was flat
Gun powder came from China in the 8th century
It mixed with the west by the 13th century

The Medieval period was from the 5th thru 15th century
Then came the Renaissance and the Age of Discovery
The printing press was invented in 1455
Now you could read instead of believe an orator's jive
European explorers sailed around the world and learned it was round
so chartered corporations were established by the royal crown

Entirely different poems must be devoted to what came next
because It would take years to read the complete unabridged text
So use this poem as a prelude to modern history
Think of it as a summary of a long lost mystery
Some say history is shaped by events that are selective
Depending on the author and publisher's hidden perspective

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