Tangent Sunset

The History of Conscious Music by Alex Cosper

Dylan Revisited

Many acts had incorporated the Dylanesque style in their music as Dylan's career was already being assessed by scholars. One of the big things Dylan proved was that one could gain an audience without showing off vocal talent. Dylan represented content over style, which energetic pop radio went along with because he was popular, but became resistant to once disco looked like the next phase. The Dylan style was less polished and sounded more conversational than theatrical. One of those artists who picked up on this down to earth delivery was Mark Knopfler. His band Dire Straits and their wordy jazz/rock song "Sultans Of Swing" challenged the rock world to get more creative on guitar. The song was so refreshing it kind of made the typical rock god lead guitarists look a little foolish. It was an amazing sound that mixed folk, rock, jazz, blues and a hint of country that followed no previous pattern and sounded exceptionally melodic for guitar rock. Even though the complex rock opera and classical/rock trends subsided, advanced musicians playing jazz/rock gained credibility.

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