Tangent Sunset

The History of Conscious Music by Alex Cosper

Heartbreak of the Love Generaton

But the sixties overall, despite its adventurous endeavors, seemed to be a decade of heartbreak. The decade started with Elvis singing "Are You Lonesome Tonight" and ended with him singing "Suspicious Minds." A lot of early Beatles and Rolling Stones songs dealt with loneliness and rejection. Then Bob Dylan dove deeper into the feelings of emptiness on a wider scope than just relationships. Dion, who is more associated with the
pre-rock era, surprised people with his warm tribute to some of America's most legendary leaders whose lives were taken by assassins in "Abraham, Martin & John."

America had finally landed on the moon but tragically lost some astronauts on one of the subsequent Apollo missions. Black America finally championed civil rights legislation only to see more poverty, race riots and political bigotry to follow. Marriages and relationships began to fall apart as the sexual revolution tempted even the most publicly-prudent people to have secret affairs and multiple relationships. The friction between generations over a growing open-minded discussion of politics and religion broke down family units. Those who rebelled against the establishment chose to live a dangerous life. Some of the best minds of the sixties would sadly die young.

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