Tangent Sunset

The History of Conscious Music by Alex Cosper

Downturn of the Century

The new millennium seems to have a shortage of conscious artists, as I write this in July 2003. Most pop, rock and so-called alternative artists simply don't fit the definition anymore, no matter how you stretch it or who defines it. The business minds behind such artists do not seek to inform or inspire the public, as their only goal is to quickly package and sell supposed marketable material with no regard to art, even though that ill-advised stance has cost the labels dramatically. If they hadn't moved down such a dissolving path I probably would have never bothered to write this.

The music industry does better when they put faith in the more educated (through school and/or self-taught) audience, who have always embraced creative music. The reason the labels began to focus on generic music instead of creative music is they went overboard in their history, signing too many artists and then using "art doesn't sell" as an excuse to put out the safest music possible based on research and what has sold in the past. One way of testing how far musical creativity has fallen since the mid-nineties is ask yourself: how many new artists since 1996 can be considered among the greatest artists of all time?

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