Tangent Sunset

The History of Conscious Music by Alex Cosper

The Mainstream and Other Streams

There is a wealth of conscious music to be found through various media. Call it underground, alternative, independent or whatever. I mainly focus on the best of what's been popular, but I know from working in radio that some of the best music never gets airplay. So I try to talk about what has happened at the crossroads of art and commerce over the years, based on books and research I've studied, people I've talked with in the industry and my own experience in radio. It's not so much a report as it is me rambling about the evolution of rock and roll, while at the same time I understand that everyone has their own take on the same story. I'm just pasting together bits of information I've collected throughout my life and I'm trying to make some sense of the musical timeline that has brought us to the present.

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