Alex Cosper

Radio Biographer/Historian Alex Cosper

Interviews with Music/Radio Industry Leaders
Some of these interviews were conducted in person and others were done on Facebook or through email.

Indie Revelations
Here are 9 chapters of indie artist interviews, links to amazing music and insight to planning and promoting an independent music career.

American Radio History: The First 100 Years
This report explores the history of the radio industry since its beginnings in the early 1900s.

The Rise of Alternative Radio
A detailed look at how Alternative Radio became very popular in the 1990s which emphasis on independent station KWOD in Sacramento.

Rick Carroll: Architect of Modern Rock
The roots of modern rock trace to programming pioneer Rick Carroll, whose ideas shaped KROQ, 91X, MTV and "rock of the 80s" stations he consulted.

San Francisco Radio History
A chronological history of Bay Area radio, where human voice replaced Morse code for early radio broadcasting.

A Brief History of WHFS
WHFS was Washington DC's most remembered alternative station from its freeform roots in the 60s thru its festival times of the 2000s.

The Legend of KZAP
KZAP was an early freeform rock station covering Sacramento that lasted from 1968 thru 1992.

Earth Radio 1974-1979
Prior to its rebirth as a contemporary hits station, KSFM was a freeform rocker that let DJs pick their own music.

Sacramento Radio Personalities
Here's a deep look at Sacramento radio history with an emphasis on KROY and KNDE/KXOA in the 60s/70s and KSFM, KWOD, KZAP and KRXQ in the 80s/90s.

Steve Masters Official Biography
Steve Masters helped put a lot of alternative arists on the air while he worked at Live 105/San Francisco in the 80s/90s.